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Waiter, will you serve the nuts?

I mean, will you serve the guests the nuts?

Nora Charles

About Me
Let's see... quirky sense of humor that just won't be quiet, feet that can't resist a snappy beat (my fingers can't either), and a brain that's always thinking about one story or another.

My passion for old movies really started one year ago, but I've been watching classic films all my life. Until lately, scifi was much more important, though.

I usually like comedies best, but I've recently started to appreciate a good drama. Just so long as the story, dialogue and characters are interesting, I can have a good time. Take The Third Man, for instance. It isn't really my type of movie, but I loved it - without loving it.

I learned to read later than most kids, but I've been making up for it ever since. My room is filled with stacks and stuffed shelves of books - all varieties. I have Stevenson, Levine, Baum, and Tolstoy. Haven't read all of them yet, but when I need a book, I have a personal library at my disposal. font>
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